Employment change while the date is current


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A newbie here, will try to ask the question clearly.

I have a EAD based on approved I-140 and filed 485. This was in EB3 category. Later last year, my employer filed for my EB2 and after approval of the new I-140, ported my date from EB3 to EB2. The USCIS shows all the correct information and i have confirmed the same by called their service center.

With the new EB2 I140 approved, the date became current for me and I eagerly waiting for the USCIS to pick up my file and start processing. 

In this situation, I am planning to change my job due to some unavoidable circumstances. What are my options?

If I have to move, I understand, I can file for AC-21 and make my move to work on EAD. But if I do this, will it be based on my original EB3 based I-140 or the EB2 based I-140? 

Will it have an impact on my 485 processing? Please help me in understanding.


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Should not be a problem but make sure that the employer is willing to give you the AC21 letter in the exact format with matching roles and descriptions. I would suggest keep the AC21 letter ready but don't send it if your date is already current. Send it only if you get any RFE. If the interfiling request was done recently, USCIS would probably not issue any RFE and just give the GC.

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