Switch H1 to H4 then again H1 possible?


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I am currently with H1, becoz of some health problem I would like to switch to H4 and again will apply once I recover by this year end. I have my paystub, I-797,I-94 till date.

1. Is it required to inform current employer that he/she is going to apply COS? I have a plan to inform them once COS is approved and I am back to H4 within USA.

Else I would like to go to India and do my check up and come back with H4 stamping. For h4 stamping Do I require to submit my H1 documents?

2.  Is there anything my employer can do which can affect me in long term or filing h1 again with another sponsor later next year?Is there any other challenge you can foresee from USCIS or other perspective to switch from H1-H4-H1 process?

Thank you ,

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