Advice on travel to India After H1 filing


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Hi, I'm currently working on an F1-OPT which is valid until Jan 2019 and my employer will be applying for my H1-B this April. If my application gets picked in the lottery, can I travel outside the US at the end of May 2017 and re-enter US at the end of June 2017 without any issues? Will my H1-B application be considered abandoned if I travel outside the US before October? If yes, what actions do I and my employer need to take for USCIS to process my H1-B application again?

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What kind of a question is this? And you are gradute student ?

Why will you have issues to travel if F1 visa is valid till Jan 2019?

Why will you have issues if your H1b is picked in Lottery? Your H1 never gets kicked off until Oct 2017 and until Change of Status is Applied from F1 to H1.

Why will your H1B application be abandoned for Traveling while your F1 visa is valid? 

Please stop asking Stupid questions! 



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