H1 Stamping @ Chennai & POE Experience


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FWIW, here's my visa stamping @ Chennai & POE experience.

Bio-metrics Date: 2/15 - This was a quick process, entire thing was done within 30 mins.

Interview Date: 2/16 - Appointment time was 830AM, but was let in by 8AM. After going through the multiple windows, one for appointment confirmation, one for fingerprint verification, made to wait in line for the actual interview. The VO did ask very few questions like

1) How long with current employer?

2) What's my annual salary?

After this, he took all my documents, i.e. I797, LCA, I129 and gave me a slip asking me to wait. I assume this was because my company was acquired and my petition still mentioned the old company name. Finally after 2+ hours of wait, they called me back again saying delay was due to the VO going home sick and saying visa is approved now. I work FTE for a product dev company and have been with them for 6+ years. This is my 3rd extension.  Out of the consulate around 1130AM.


For the passport pickup, my pickup location was Bangalore. I was scheduled to fly out on 2/27, but didn't receive any updates on my passport till 2/24. I checked CEAC and found that the consulate didn't process my passport till 2/23. As Bangalore doesn't have weekend pickup, so had to work with US travel docs to change the location to Chennai, and picked it up in Chennai on 2/26. Even though state dept website says processing time as 3-days, give yourself ample time before flying back.

I flew back through Abu Dhabi, which has pre-clearance facility. Got selected for additional security screening, which took an additional 45 mins. The CBP officer asked 2 questions about my job - my role and how long I was working with the employer; she was more concerned about if we are getting any veggies/fruits/seeds in my baggage and then let through.


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