i140 - RFE and also missing originals


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the RFE reads:
"you have filed form 1-140 for alien worker , on ....... seeking immigrant visa classification as sklled worker for mr ABC (the beneficiary). you are seeking the Services of the beneficiary as a Systems Analyst. In order to  establish eligibility you must establish that :

-the position qualifies for the classification requested;
-the beneficiary is qualified for the the position;
-you have the ability to pay the wage offered to the beneficiary as of the priority date

The evidence sbmitted does not establish that the beneficiary is qualified for the position. Therefore, additional evidence is requested below.

You Must submit the following ORIGINAL Document(s) : you submitted an ETA Form 9089 in which pages 11-12 were copies. Submit the original pages 11 and 12 for the ETA Form 9089, ETA Case NUmber .............. Do not submit another photocopy; you must submit the original

just so that you know only  2 pages were missing all other pages were original , 2 pages somehow got misplaced and therefore I had submited the printout of scanned copies. also in the cover letter I had mentioned that the 2 pages got misplaced and therfore I am submitting the photocopy . the CIS seems to have missed this note in the cover letter.

please help, what all do I need to submit in response to RFE, are they asking for only originals or other things as well. Also I do not have the original as it is lost, ho how should I proceed.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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