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I am a student at arizona state university. I was recently offered an intern position at Intel on Dec 20th 2016. Having already used up my two CPT's, The International Student Scholar Center (ISSC) asked me to file a pre-OPT request in order to work. I have mailed USCIS on Dec 22nd 2016 with application fee of $410. On Jan 21st 2017, USCIS rejected my application request , saying incorrect fee payment as it was looking for old fee of $380. on Jan 24th i have re-submitted the application and got a receipt number. When tried to expedite under USCIS error, they rejected. ISSC said its USCIS mistake to reject new fee of $410, where as USCIS said ( when had appointment at lockbox-phoenix) its school mistake to give me a check list that asked me to pay $410 instead of $380. currently my new case date is Jan 24th and i am not knowing what to do , given my joining date at intel being 6th March 2017. Any help is highly appreciated.


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