Successfull Stamping and return to US from Matamoros Mexico - FEB 28th


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Hello Everyone, 

Its my time to give back to this community as it helped me a lot to get the information that I used for my stamping . 

I booked my slot for Matamoros consulate a month before my stamping . I live in Oklahoma so I booked flight from my city to Brownsville .

I got down at brownsville at about 4.30 PM . Took a cab and went to the border . I used salvador service and he picked me up from the border and drove to Mexico . Stopped at the border and got the 7 day permit by paving $25 . 

Salvador drove me to his hotel Best western which is decent enough to say . If you are vegetarian than there are limited option for you to eat . 

Next day morning (Feb 27th) Salvador drove me to get my finger printing done . Started at 8.30 AM and came back at about 9.30 AM back to Hotel . 

Next day morning (Feb 28th) Salvador drove me to consulate with other family . Started at 7.30 AM and was out of consulate by 8.10 AM .

After  the security I was just 2nd person . The security guy asked to directly go to counter number 2 . 


Me : Good Morning Officer .

VO : Can you give me your Passport 

Me : Yes sir . 

VO : Do you work for company XXXX 

Me : Yes Sir 

VO : Can you give me your I 797 

Me : Yes Sir

VO : What do you do for your company 

Me : I am an IT Programmer 

VO : Whats your salary 

Me : XXXX/Annum

VO : Hopefully your passport should be ready by 3PM 

Me : Thanks . 

There was no document asked other than I 797 . 

Other gentlemen with me was asked about his MS degree and how that is related to his job .

Salvador drove back to hotel after some sight seeing . 

Drove to consulate again at 3 PM and picked up the passport and he dropped at the border . 

After a long walk an Officer gave a Orange Slip and asked us to wait in the room . If they dont call you then just go to the window and submit the passport  .It may take anywhere between 2-3 Hrs .

POE : Why are going to US . 

Me : I have work to do in US 

POE : Can you give me your I 797 

Me : yes 

POE : Do you have an offer letter 

Me : Yes , Gave him the employment verification letter 

POE : where do you work 


POE : Do you have any ID with address on it 

Me : Gave him my drivers license 

silence for 2 mins and he asked me come to other window to get I 94 . He was about to give me I 94 he saw canada stamp in my passport and asked if I have been to Canada . I told I went for my work as I have my client office in Canada . 

I saw that other people were also asked about their travel history . 

Just be prepared for all the questions and be patient at POE it may take longer . 


I used Salvador service . Very nice guy and very helpful .

Salvador Castañeda G.

All the other folks me got the visa and were able to cross the border with no issues . 


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