Successful Visa Stamping in Matamoras on Feb 22


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I had a successful visa stamping in Matamoras.

Visa Interview

1. Good morning mam?

2. Can I see your I797?

3.Can I see your Masters Degree?

4. Which major did you do Masters?

5. Can you show the proof that you did MS in this major?

6. Who do you work for?

7. How long?

8. Your visa is approved. Please pick it up at the time mentioned in the yellow slip.



Surprisingly all the questions asked in the Visa interview were asked at POE. Two additional questions:

1. Previous H1 copies

2. Drivers license.

There were two other H1bs on that day and both got approved.

I took Salvador services. It was very nice and tension free with the service he provided. Got the permit for 7 days under his guidance. The food in the hotel is awesome. I recommend his services. They are really great.



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