H1B Transfer scenario


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Hi, I am working with company A on H1B VISA and I am a full time employee. My current company A is planning to close their project. They asked me to leave the company. They gave me 3 weeks notice time. I couldn't get any new project so I found one consultant who agreed to transfer my H1B. He has filed in normal processing (without having any project). From next week I will not be working with company A (that is my last date with company A as per notice). My question is-

A. Till the time I am not getting new approved petition or RFE, I would not be working anywhere in USA. Will I be out of status ?                                             B. In case I don't have any project till the time I received RFE What will happen ? Can my employer (Consultant) show me working as in a house project ?   C. What are the other options do I have to save my H1B ?

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