h1b petition approved, visa not stamped, want to change employer


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I left U.S in 2015 and work for company A in Germany ever since. Company A filed H1B petition for me in 2016 and it was approved. I have the copy of approval notice but I have not applied the H1B visa yet. So no visa stamp on my passport. Now I am looking for a new opportunity in company B in the U.S.

Am I counted against H1B cap? Is company B able to file a new cap-exempt petition for me so that I can apply for the H1B visa and come to the U.S. to work for B?

I serached on the internet and see that a lot of people have done this before. But I also have heard that the rules have changed recently? So I would like to know the most up-to-date policy on this. Any suggestions would be helpful!


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