H1B holder opening company with H4 EAD


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Hi All,

I am on H1B and have an approved I-140 along with an approved H4 EAD for my spouse. I am planning to start an event organizing company in name of my spouse while my spouse will probably find a job and will work for some employer. My wife doesn't know the in and outs of the business but she will always be with me what ever event our company organizes. I know i cannot withdraw any salary from the business being on H1B but is it possible for me to work for that business voluntarily while my wife still being the 100% owner and being part of all the profit or loss that business makes. How can this workout? Suggestions please.




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That would be illegal.

You are NOT allowed to do any work for the company.

Using your wife as a front and you doing all the work is ILLEGAL, and would result in you being out of status.

Your wife would have to run the business for real, having sole control over the business, including the business office, bank accounts, etc. She can not even discuss the business with you over dinner.

This is not just about "drawing a salary", even without salary it is ILLEGAL for you to work for the busines in any shape or form!


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