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I'm on my H1B along with my spouse (also on H1B) in the states. Recently, I got admitted into an MBA program beginning Fall 2017. Now, I understand I have two options -

i) Submit an i-539 and get a COS to F1 

ii) Get an F1 visa through consular processing

I'm not sure how long a COS would take. Sources online say anywhere between 2-8 months and all I have right now is 5 months. Any inputs from anyone who has done a COS in the recent past would be extremely valuable. I prefer this option because I don't want to even think about the possibility of going to my MBA program without the possibility of doing an internship, which would be the case if the visa officer asked me to go to school as my spouse's dependent.

If I have to follow option ii because it's too late for option i. What's the procedure? Can I go to my home country and get an F1 visa while staying on my H1B or do I have to quit my job and then go get a visa?

Thank you very much!


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