Planning for H-1B and H-4 stamping in Nuevo Laredo


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I am planning to go to Nuevo Laredo for H-1B and my dependents' H-4 visa stamping, during March 3rd week. I had done these only in Chennai US consulate before. I would like to know if there are any mexican travel consultants that can arrange for the transport and hotel and take care of logistics (mexican visa if required etc.).


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I had my stamping back in 2011 at Nuevo Laredo, wanted to go again at the same place.

but with no appointment data available at laredo, changed my place to matamoros (way better then laredo)

I did check with the agents, but did not get anybody in laredo

there are 2 agents available at matamoros.  remember if you are changing places, do keep in mind to fill DS-160 accordingly to different places.

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