I-140 porting after approval


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I have applied for labor and got my I-140 approved through my previous employer in 2012. The 1st priority date is feb2012. I got a new employment opportunity and changed my employer in 2013. I have applied for labor and I-140 through my new/current employer in 2014 and there was an RFE in my 2nd I-140 application. USCIS has some questions and didnot approve my response and declined the I-140 in 2015. 

I have re-applied I-140 and got it approved in 2016. But the priority date is Oct 2014 only. The priority date of my 1st I-140 approval has not been ported. 


I would like to port my priority date now to Feb2012. What can I do now?  Any suggestions

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Due to some incorrect documentation by my previous employer, USCIS misunderstood my employment dates and declined my I-140 when applied with current employer but then when we reapplied, they approved it.

Yes It should have been done during the AOS. But what is the process as of now? I mean can we do AOS now? can I port my priority date now separately?  If so how should I approach my lawyer. 

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