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I was hired by a company in US on TN1 in Oct 2015 and relocated back to Canada on work in sept 2016. Now because of lack of work in Canada, they want me to move back to US. Its only 6 months till now and I will need another 6 months for L1A eligibility. Can I go on loss of pay for remaining 6 months and then apply for L1A?

Can a TN1 be converted to L1A?

Or I understand that TN1 can be converted to H1B. Can the same be considered for EB1 category?

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what about the duration? Will I need 1 year? what if I visit in between? I have multiple visits not exceeding 2 -3 days at a time with a total of 15 days starting from Jun 2016.   I moved to Canada in June 2016 but my payroll kept running till Aug 2016. Can my stay outside the US from Jun 2016 - Aug 2016 be counted towards my time outside the US for eligibility for L1.

When do you suggest that my employer submit for my L1? Or is it possible for CoS from TN workpermit to L1A?


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