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I am Rakesh. Now I am  working on initial OPT. I have applied for OPT extension on 12/15/16 and it is in received status but my  university accreditation revoked on 12/12/16.  As per OPT extension rule my university should have accreditation at the time of my  OPT extension process to get approved. My initial OPT end date was on feb 4 2017. I am planing to transfer to other university which offers day one CPT and my CPT projected start date will be march 17th. Is it ok to transfer(sevis) university after denial of OPT extension.  Students from my university who applied after 12/12/16 are not  Approved or denied  by USCIS. students who applied for OPT extension  before 12/1216 were  approved. 

For example If my OPT gets deny on march 1st, after denial i will transfer to other university and my CPT start date would be march 17. is that ok to stay in USA with out status and what are the pros and cons with this approach. Please let me know if anyone have answer for my questions.



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