Unpaid work/training during OPT


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I have done my masters in Electrical Engg. and an Electrical firm wants me to work(training) for 3 months without any pay. And after 3 months they will pay me and offer full-time if my performance is satisfactory. Is it safe to work for 3 months without pay during OPT and what documents would I need to submit from my employer to USCIS, so as to not exhaust my 90 day unemployment period.

Thank you

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Unpaid employment on post completion OPT is possible if any LABOR Laws are not violated.  Your first move is to run this by your DSO so appropriate paperwork can be made available. Also please retain for future use.....


  1. Copies of employment agreements or contracts with the employer including start and end dates, training mode (on location, online, etc) and location of the internship/unpaid training for each employer.
  2. Copies of all diplomas, completion certificates and/or certifications that you received related to the training programs identified.
  3. If you worked/trained as an unpaid employee for a third party keep evidence of the projects/contracts you worked on.
  4. Copies of company time and attendance records that document your daily tasks in detail for all employers during the unpaid internship or training.
    You will not be required to submit this proof of employment to OIE, but it may be requested by USCIS if you are applying for future immigration benefits.""


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