change employer before H1b approved, could I still do H1b transfer???


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Dear Sir/Madam, 

Jan 2016, I start to work for employer A with F1 CPT 
Apr 2016, employer A filed H1b for me, case was denied, I submitted motion to reopen (appeal) 
Oct 2016, quit A, start to work for employer B with updated CPT, ends by Jul 2017 
Jan 2017, appeal approved, I-797A received, petitioner is A

Since I've been working for B for 4 months with CPT, and I never had a chance to work for A with H1b, could I still do H1b transfer? Do I have to go through lottery system? Since my I-797A has I-94, am I with H1b or F1 visa? What's the potential issue?


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