Visitor visa for sister and her family


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Hi All,

I am on H1B visa for the past few years. I got divorced a year and half ago. And I am getting married again this May in US. My soon to be life partner is a US citizen. My sister is planning to attend the wedding. They have 2 kids. They are working as doctors (govt). They may come here for 2/3 weeks or so to attend the wedding. I was planning to fill out the application on their behalf. But they will buy their tickets etc. They do own some land property but they have not bought any houses yet. The kids are below 7 years old. What should I do or they should do to get the visitor visa? I am worried about all the rejections. I wish my family to be there for me when I am getting married. Any suggestion on what should we do?


1. should I FILL OUT the application form?

2. They will buy their tickets. Any problem with that?

3. They will say that they are coming for wedding and to have a short vacation here as well. They will stay for 3 weeks.

4. They both will get the leave approval from their hospitals.

5. They will carry all the financial details such bank details, property details. I think they both make more than 1 lakh per month.

6. Should I send them my invitation card and a letter stating they will attend the wedding etc?


Please suggest. They are from Chennai. Appreciate your help.




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They should fill out the forms. Getting coached by you (what you filling out the forms would be) is bad, and can result in problems. They are asked about everything on the form at the interview, and an officer can easily figure out if they were coached.

They also have to convince the officer that they will return to their home country. Coaching also acts against that.


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