new 60 day Grace Period on H1B and rules


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Hello all,

I had valid H1B and stamped visa from Employer XX valid until June-2019. My employment might be terminated on Feb 23 2016, I didnt file any change of status from H1 to any other non immigrant status. I am currently looking for other jobs but it looks like it might take some time. Meanwhile my ex-employer may initiate revoke process on my H1B petition so wanted to know what my current options are:

1. Does anyone know how many days/months USCIS takes to act on revocation notices? Have read in multiple forums that revocation notices are the last priority for USCIS and it takes 2-3 months to work on it? Is it true?
2. I am pretty sure I will find another job within next 3-4 weeks, if my H1 transfer petition is filed in premimum before USCIS gets my revoke petition, will it cause any problems?
3. I understand that I am currently OOS, so my understanding is even if my H1 transfer is approved, I will not get my I94 stub and will have to travel out of country and get stamping, Can someone clarify? 
4. what all is need for the new 60 day rule? do i need to do anything or that is by deafult ok once i find a job and transfer my visa within the the 60 days grace period?

Please advise. thanks!!

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