Green card Removal of conditions I-751

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I am an US Citizen, got married in 2013 and my husband got  2 year conditional Green card. March 8th is last day to apply for I-751 to remove conditional. Please advise on the situation

1. He entered the county 3 months after he got his GC

2. I did add him to my Bank accounts and health Insurance and I bought him a car with cash and car insurance and paid his phone bill  and all bills, but when he started earning, he did not add me to his bank accounts, never spent anything for family, never does buy grocery  or anything for home or me, he did not get me medical insurance or did not be with me and take care of me when I was sick and jobless for over 4 months. During those  4 months he lived with his sister.

Since he started earning:

1. He took about 4 months vacation to India

2. He bought a car for which he is the sole owner though I paid cash for it. He pays insurance only for his car. He just added my name to it.

3. He bought other car for which he was the sole owner and had car insurance only on his name and sold that car

4. He  pays his own phone bills, (not as a owner)

5. Never pays any bills

6. We do not have any common letters

7. we have very few pictures together to show as he doesn't like to come to parties of my friends

8. He does not want to pay taxes together and di not pay till date for his earnings this year

SO, we can only submit the application with very few pictures taken in the beginning and no other bills or documents to show comingling of assets.

Please advise on how we should proceed on applying for I-751 which we must do before 8th of March...

Thanks in advance




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