H4 to H1B Petition - Case is in RFE for 1+ years. Need pointers on what to do next


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I tried converting my H4 to H1B through a consultancy (Consultancy A) in 2015. Below are the events that have taken place in last 2 years.

  1. My H1B petition won the lottery in April 2015.
  2. H1B petition receives RFE.
  3. RFE addressed and submitted to USCIS.
  4. H1B petition denied on Oct 2015 citing reason that proper fee wasn't paid.
  5. The Consultancy A appealed against the denial and reopened the case in Dec 2015. A I290B was submitted to USCIS for case reopening
  6. The H1B petition got reopened and again went to RFE state. 
  7. During June 2016, I came to know of acquisition of Consultancy A by Consultancy B. 
  8. I was routed to an attorney bridging between these two consultancy and the attorney followed up with Consultancy B but couldn't get response from them on this. 
  9. And from then, the H1B petition is in RFE state and is hanging. 
  10. Found out that the I290B was approved during August 2016. 
  11. I was not given any contact person for Consultancy B. 

I would like to know what are the possibilities that the H1B petition could be used by another consultancy or is it even possible for Consultancy B to take up the case and proceed further with the case. WHat could be done in this case?



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