how to avail 60 day grace period after being layed off


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I am on H1b and working as a full time employee. recently my company gave a separation date to me which is after 3 months at April 28th. As per the new executive order that came in Jan, 2017 we can avail 60 day grace period to find a new job and file for H1 transfer upon job termination. 


1. Based on my situation will I be able to use 60 day grace period after April 28th.

2. If not, will I be able to use that 60 day grace period, if they terminate me even before that date(as per agreement they can do that as well).

3. what is the exact process to avail the 60 day grace period, it should be reported as part of next company H1 transfer filing (or) upon termination by hiring a attorney do we need to file something (or) is there a form that need to be submitted to USCIS. In short, can it be done by myself (or) need to take help of an attorney.

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