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I need some expert help from the Gurus. I applied for my EAD/AP renewal as a routine 2 year renewal process based on pending I485. Both of my cases were approved and I received my EAD card recently. Upon inspection of my new card I noticed that the card didn't have the AP endorsement (i.e EAD without AP and not a combo card) also instead of 2 year it only has one year validity dates. It looks like errors on the USCIS part. In this case, my question is what should I do to get the errors corrected from USCIS? I read on the approval notice that if I wanted corrections I have to write to USCIS and send the original card back. I don't want to loose possession of the card as I don't know what the outcome of the response from USCIS and how long would it take for them to fix the errors and send the new corrected card? or should I just wait for one year without any travel plans and apply for normal renewal next year hoping that it gets corrected in the new renewal card?

I would appreciate any responses towards this issue and share any similar experiences and successes as such.

Thanks a lot...



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I had a similar issue 2 yrs ago. I got both EAD and AP approved on the same card but only for 1 year. I went to USCIS- infopass. They said a new officer may have approved by oversight and if I need I can request them for 2 years but its a pain. I reapplied last year for both and I got approved for 2 years. They don't have enough people to adjudicate cases.

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