Filling I 9 form for Stem extension job with expired EAD and I20


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Hey All,

I recently joined a new company and filled my I_9 form,But employer came back saying they are not able to put the provided docs information in my I_9 form as i have presented them with expired EAD.

My OPT EAD expired on Feb3rd and has applied for stem extension with a received date of jan26 and got my  notice I-979C .I joined the company on Feb6  and my opt extension is based on this company provided docs only

 So what are the documents I need to put for my verification?

1)As said in USCIS site i gave  employer  Expired EAD with Form I-20 .But they are unable to put the expired date for EAD in I_9 form, as it wont allow expired EAD date and hence   not able  to  fill  Stem Endorsed I20 details  in I9 form?

Has anyone submitted I9 in this scenario?Or else Can HR use Passport+I94+Stemopt I20 or is paper submission of I9 possible?

Excerpt from Uscis Site 

The following documents establish the student’s identity and employment authorization for Form I-9 purposes:

  • Unexpired EAD (List A), or
  • Expired EAD presented with Form I-20 endorsed by the student’s Designated School Official (DSO)(List A). Note: this is acceptable for 180 days from the expiration date on the card and work authorization must be reverified after 180 days for employment to continue.

If the student presents an expired EAD and an endorsed Form I-20 as described above, the employer should enter the following information under List A in Section 2 of Form I-9:

  • The EAD document title
  • The EAD document number
  • The date the EAD expired in the expiration date space, and
  •  “180-day Ext.”



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