H4 Visa Over Stayed


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Me & my family (Wife & Kid) both got the H1 & H4 Visa stamped and it was valid until Sep 2016. My family came in Aug 2016 and their I94 was valid until end of Sep 2016.

My new employer applied for my H1 Transfer and we somehow misunderstood that H4's I94 will also be extended with my H1 Petition and we never noticed that the I94's of both of them are expired by the end of Sep.

We noticed they are over stayed by 4 months in the Feb 2017 after my petition got approved. I have sent them back to India immeditely and now planning for H4 stamping.

Can we get the H4 stamping with out any issues? What we should say when the Consulate offices ask about over stay


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i am in same situation, my wife's i94 expire 2 weeks back and employer missed the filling prior to i94 expiry. Lawyer is filling nunc pro tun now and advised to leave country with reciept for filling.

Please share your experience about stamping in India. 

You can reach out to me: kiranpatil.ocp@gmail.com

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