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Can I travel to Canada on work for 3 days and come back to USA while my H4 and H4 EAD extensions are pending with USCIS. I got the receipt notice on 1/10/17. My business trip is in Febrauary and my current h4 and h4 EAD are valid till 4/20/17. 

Will my pending h4 and h4 ead applicationsl become invalid once I leave US and re-enter within 3 days on work purposes?

Can I travel out of US for 3 days when my h4 ead renewal in under processing?

My spouse's h1b extension was applied under premium process and he received the approval in 10 working days but I had to wait for his approval before sending my paper work to USCIS. Any way I can expedite my case since we already paid a premium for his h1b extension?

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My h4 renewal is still in process and current date for processing I-539s is aug 2016 so that's another 4 months since I got my receipt on Jan 10th. 

But my h4 EAD is also under renewal and I filed it along with my h4 same receipt date of Jan 10th. Current processing time for h4 EAD is 3 months only. 

Is there a chance they could both my renewals in 3 months since they know my current h4 EAD will expire by end of April?

or will they wait 6 months to process my h4 first inspite of knowing my EAD will expire. Any way I could expedite request or do premium?

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I have applied H4 extension and H4 EAD together on May 22, 2017.  My Spouse H1B extension was filed separately and it approved on February 2017 before H4 extension apply date.

I did raised a service request for H4 ead as it is crossed 90 days limit. I got below reply fro USCIS

The processing of your Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765) is within our current processing time. Your I-765 is pending the decision of your Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status (Form I-539) .

By looking at the H4 extension processing timelines at vermont, it may take more time to get h4 extension approvals.

1. Is it ok to leave the country and come back with H4 stamping with new I-94 ? in that case what will happen to H4 ead and H4 extension ?

2. How do i send updated I-94 copy to USCIS?

3. does this process help me in getting EAD fast ?

Please let me know.

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