Divorce in USA and India


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I am a male and got married in India in a sikh temple and got a marriage certificate from the temple. We did not register the marriage in Indian court. Then we moved to USA. In USA, we got to know that the temple marriage is not recognized in USA for legal purpose. Therefore, we registered (married again) in USA (after 2 years of marriage in India). 

Now we are about to get divorced and still living in USA. We are filing for divorce in USA and court grants the divorce in some months. My question is, do I have to put separate application to get divorced in India too? Or is the divorce from USA valid in India too and I need not do anything in India? Since we got married twice (once in India and later in USA), does that cause any complication? 

Also if I get divorced in USA, can my in-laws drag me to court in India just to complicate the matter or mentally harass me on the basis of Indian marriage?

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