H1B Visa Stamping on New Passport


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I am in US right now, i need to know whether i should go for stamping before sep 2017 or not ? My case is explained below

1. my old passport is expiring in feb 2017, visa stamping validity was upto sep 2017.

2. i applied for a new passport 5 months back and received the same

3. In jan 2017 i did a h1 transfer and got visa validity till dec 2019. 

4. I got my i797 and that i94 copy says its valid till dec 2019. It references old passport only.

I do not have any plans to travel now. Ideally By sep 2017 end, stamping in old passport will expire and new passport won't have any stamping that time, will that cause an issue. Will i become out of status ? I have approved 1797 and i94 copy from new employer which is valid till dec 2019, will that be sufficient to stay in USA without stamping ?

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