working remotely while I485 under process; I140 approved EB1


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Hi there, I work for my employer on an H1-B visa. My I-140 (EB-1B) got approved last year and on its basis my wife and I applied for our AOS (I-485), EAD, and Advanced Parole(AP) in Oct 2016. We have since received the EAD and AP, but there's no movement on the 485 application (not even the biometrics are scheduled yet). Additionally my wife also has an H4 EAD. She has now found a job in different state and I have some questions related to this. 

1. Can she move to a different state and take up employment based on the GC EAD or H4 EAD while our I485 is in process? Is there any requirement that the principal and dependent should be staying at the same place while the I485 is in process?

2. I am planning to request my employer to allow me to work remotely so I can move with my wife. Is is ok to work remotely on an H1B while my I485 is being processed? Will my employer have to do any paperwork considering my 140 was approved under EB1?

3. If (2) is fine, will USCIS need to be intimated of this change in my work location? Will they issue an RFE if I change my address to a new state? To avoid all these complications, is it ok just to give the address of a trusted friend in my present location if I move?

Many thanks!


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