H4 Travel on Critical Time


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This is Venkata Narayana, Currently in Atlanta, GA

I am on H1B and came to US last year (May 2016) but still my dependents are in India (Wife and Kid ) their H4 visa's are already stamped. 

My question is can i ask them to travel US in this month - (My wife is studied intermediate and have 4 years kid) - i am not confident whether she will answer the port of entry queries.

My visa will expires on  Aug 2017,  so that only i am hurrying to bring my family to here.

Please suggest me on this.

One more thing. now my visa in transfer process -  (i changed A employer to B because Employer A  does't have onsite opportunity so i changed to B ) now status is RFC.

In this case, can they check the status at port of entry while my wife and kid travelling - is this any problem.

If my family not traveled now, my visa validity is up to august 2017 only, so again need to apply for extension and again going for stamping. 

so it's taking longer time. Please suggest me on my queries.

Thanks for your understanding. Appreciate for your suggestions.


Best Regards,


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