Is it safe to travel?


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I have an emergency in India and want to go for two weeks while I am on H1B 5th Year (Same Employer/Client all these years right from my initial H1) and my VISA expires by mid of May. I have not initiated extension yet, Am I safe to travel to India now and return in two weeks?

Any kind of suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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If you have an "emergency", then I think you should travel. As for whether it is safe or not, logically speaking, you should have no problem returning back as India was not part of the temporary ban list. I too am travelling later this month (visa stamped until 2019) and will be back after a month.

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Sumanga , 

I & my husband recently traveled back from India this week - My husband visa is getting expired in the Mid of Month May  but he got his extension approved before we left the country - 

During the POE, he gave the officer the copy of approved I-797 copy and officer just validated and didn't ask any questions further  but stamped in his passport validity until 2020 Kind off ... 

Suggestion - Initiate  it in premium  processing  and travel so that you can get it approved mean time and  can carry your approved copy to avoid any hassle at Port of entry . 

if its really emergency & can't wait- than you have to travel no matter what it is . 






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