travel after getting green card

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Folks who already have GC and travelled out of US, please share your experience:

After getting employment based GC:

1. Can one travel out of US for a short period ( 1-2 months) to visit family?

2. Can one travel multiple times but short visits (1-2 months each) but not more than 6 months total in year - 2 months in beginning of year & 2 months at the end of calendar year? So total travel outside usa 2+2 = 4months which is less than 6 months per year- Will CBP officers question for short multiple vacations?

   2a. Should it be infrequent but one long trip of 4months in an year instead? 

3. While outside USA in above cases, is it legal to work for US company remotely?

4. Any trip less than 6 months in a year,  Will it reset your continuous residency clock for becoming a US Citizen? or is it considered as continuous residence?

5. With government's new Executive Order on travel ban, will short trips outside US have any negative impact on LPR status? , will CPB officers revoke GC status at port of entry ? 

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You are allowed travel as a PR. Periods up to 6 months do not matter. 6-12 months may lead to a rebuttable presumption of abandoning the GC. Absences more than one year will lead to abandonment of the GC assuming no Reentry permit was used. Since the executive order was regarding a few countries there is NO TRAVEL ban on all other COUNTRY CITIZENS.

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Thanks JoeF and pontevecchio


 i)  While abroad on short (< 4months) trip on GC, can one work for US employer remotely, getting US salary direct deposited to your US bank account?

 ii) What if you are self employed in US, can one work remotely for US client?

iii) If planning to stay abroad > 1 year, if one applies re-entry permit, does one need to provide any reason? what if it was for taking care of aging parents? Is it valid reason? does one need to attach any documentary evidence of their health reports as a part of re-entry application? 

*The primary residence will be in US, car, apartment, utilities etc 


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As long as you have work authorization in the country where you are staying, you can work remotely. Note that you may have to pay taxes in that country, depending on their rules.

Even with a reentry permit, the stay abroad has to be temporary with a clear ending date.

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