My Visa Stamping Experience – Toronto Feb 2, 2017


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My initial appointment was on Monday January 30th 2017 at 8:15 am.

I reached the consulate at about 8am only to find out the consulate is closed due to a demonstration on the recently passed executive order. The security guard informed me that I should have gotten an email about this the previous day. I checked my email and there is was. I got it at 6pm the previous day. The email said I need to reschedule and I can only do that after the appointment time has passed.  There was a Starbucks very close to the consulate. My brother was with me as well. We went to the Starbucks and waited till after 8:15am. I logged in and tried to follow the instructions. But I wasn’t allowed to make a new appointment till the next day.

 I got a new appointment luckily on Thursday February 2, 2017.

My appointment was at 10:30am. I reached the consulate by 10:05am. There were some people already in a line outside the consulate. The guy in the counter asked for passport and DS-160 confirmation. He also asked how old the pic in DS-160 was. I said 2 weeks old and he returned the documents and let me in. A lady at the door checked my DS-160 again and let me in towards the security. After security I was asked to go through a door.  After about 15ft, there was another line waiting to get in to the interview room.  It’s about 10:15am now.

There is a guard who sends 2 persons at a time. I was 4th when I stood in the line. The guard was nice enough to let an old lady go to some other place where she can sit instead of standing in the line. Once sent in, there was a bigger line inside the interview room. We were all asked to take out Canadian visa and ds-160.

There were 6 windows in the room where interviews were happening. Five were on one side and 6th to another side. I couldn’t hear window 6 conversations but out of the 5 windows, window 3 felt a little easier. I really hoped to get this guy (Asian looking). When it’s my turn, I was sent to window 6.

She asked my 797 and passport and photo. She scanned my picture, and put my passport and 797 in a blue folder and I was asked to go to window 2. I was made to stand in line again for my turn. The guy before me got the window 3. I hoped not to get the guy in window 1 as he was asking very detailed questions. Window 2 had a lady who was interviewing for long too. I couldn’t hear window 4 and 5 but they were taking a little longer as well. Luckily, the guys in window 3 finished his interview and I got window 3 as well.

ME: Hi How are you

VO: (no reply writing down something from previous interview)

After about 10 seconds

VO: Hi how are you. So you are here for H1b visa?

ME: yes

VO: What is xxx?

ME: xxxx and Computing, That's my employer

VO: <nods> what do you do for xxx

ME: <my job duties briefly>

VO: How long have you been on H1b?

ME: 4.5 years

VO: you came to US n 2008. So let’s go back and do the math.... Oh you did your masters from xxx.and then how long were you on your OPT?

ME: I was on my OPT from May 2010 to September 2012

VO: Because you are in Science you have more than 2 years of OPT right?

ME: I said Yes.

VO: ok... from 2012 September to 2017 Jan... Okay that’s about 4 years.

VO: Did you apply for your green card?

ME: Yes. I have an approved I-140

VO: when is your priority date?

ME: Dec 2012

VO: How long is the wait time now? When do you think your date will be current?

ME: I am hoping about 3-4 years.

VO: <nodding>

VO: okay everything is in place. Your visa is approved. You know the drill.

<Handed me a paper>

Your passport should be ready in about 3-5 business days.

ME: Thank you. I appreciate it.

VO: Good luck.



Finally I don’t think that the executive order changed the situation /process of the interview. It is safe to avoid it if you can. But if you already have an appointment and you cannot change your plans, go prepared. Have all the documents needed and be confident. When you wait in the line, hopefully there will be plenty time to observe. There is no need to worry and panic as long as you have all the documents. Good luck.

Hope this helps everyone who is going to the interview.

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