I485 Employer Based port to Marriage based


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Have few questions to ask the forum.

My earlier employer1 filed I-485 in Sept 2014 under EB2 with priority date of Jan 2009.
I changed employer1 to employer2 after getting my EAD/AP. The employer2 filed AC21 and G20 form as changed employer. I got my new EAD/AP in 2016 before the prior one expired. 
I recently got married to a US citizen and hence following are the questions I have: 

1. Can we port my existing employer based I-485 processing to marriage based adjustment of status?

2. What is the process for filing marriage based green card at this juncture "for my case" since I-485 is already filed under employment based green card? 

3.  If we file marriage based green card, how do we ensure we do not disrupt the existing working status, i.e.,  how do we ensure continuity with my current employer? Will I get an EAD when I start marriage based green card process?
4. Since my priority date is Jan 2009, do you advise to wait for getting my green card with the employer based I-485 or is it better to do marriage based green card?
Looking forward to your reply. 
Regards RSVP.
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