H4 to H1 COS - Need very urgent help


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I have H4 visa and my H1b petition was approved this year. I didn't travel to USA anytime before. 

Can someone please tell me if I can travel to USA on H4 and then do a Change of Status to H1b? If so, what is the processing time and can it be done in Premium? Is there any risk in doing a COS? Or getting the visa stamped in India and entering US with H1b is safe?

Also, my current employer filed a canada work permit for me and it got approved. Do you suggest me travelling to Canada instead of USA considering present situation in the US? Please help asap, thanks.

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Can a person currently on H1 , has been working  in USA for 2+years, apply for H4 (Spouse is on H1), take a break for few months and then apply for H1 again?

On applying H1, will it again go through the application process from the scratch meaning , should it go thru lottery process (may or may not get picked)

or it is just activating H1 status by applying ?

How does this H1 to H4 and then back to H1 process work?

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