H1B Stamping In India ,Is it Safe now ??


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Hello All , 


I am an Internal Employee working as a HR Manager . Planning to go for my H1B Stamping in India this month . I came across all the new immigration rules and hassles everyone facing at the port of entry . Want to know if it is safe now to get the Visa Stamping done .Or is Canada better than India . Please advice . And also why are they stopping people at the port of entry after issuing the Visas .Any specific reason ?? 



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Hope this helps  :-    

My friend has a Master Degree in xxxx from University of YYYY . He is a

a) full timer at zzzz.

b) working in the field of XXXX

c) drawing north of  100k salary 


He also had a 221g on Jan6 and he just got his visa issued  just a couple of days ago...He tell me no one is exempt from this and probably a bit random.... If push comes to show prepare for spending excess of 3 weeks than planned.  No one was exempt especially Indian consultancies.... in fact my Indian IT consultancy and several other have sent/advised us not to travel to India because of 221g. 



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Thanks all , 

But are there any specific questions that they are asking at the port of entry , what i am wondering is why do they want to stop once the visa is issued . If a H1B holder has a valid documentation and pay stubs , is that still a problem ?? and once they approve a H1B can they refuse it or only a 221g is the scenario . 




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Sorry for the delay in reply..... Yes my friend got through the United States 

a) His 221g processing took about 14 days or so (not business). However for a contractor(non full time) it took him 60 days. My friend met a contractor who went for stamping on Nov 28th and he got his Visa Approval at the same time as my friend ( January 28th).

b) At port of entry my full time friend was not really harassed


In summary 


a) Full timers nothing too worry about , however there is a "slight chance" a 221g will be slapped (usually a 14 day inconvenience) . I have one of my colleagues who did go for stamping and he had no problem at all.  But be prepared to take a vacation of atleast 30 days. 

b) Contingent workers (contractors).....a lot more complicated.... everyone i talk to there is a good chance that you will have 221g slapped ... and you could get stuck for atleast 60 days.... and then even if you VISA is approved, you still have to hope the client location you worked is still interested in you, and you still have Job....then. at port of entry you have to convince the CBP that your work location is geniune and P.O.'s .... whole 9 yards....



Bharat C P

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