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Hi All,

I filed for H1B extension on April 7th 2016 in regular mode. the existing petition was expired on sep20th 2016. COnverted int premium on sep 27th 2016.

So far my case was not approved and when ever my attorney reach the USCIS, there is only one response which is " USCIS that the case is in extended background reviews and a timetable for adjudication is not available at this time. "

Now I'm in 240 days period and completed 130 days already. 

im curious on below?

1. If my petition was not approved in this 240 days period, Can I stay in the USA?

2. Can I move to other employer? If Yes, will new petition approved or again will it stuck?

3. Recently my attoney placed the AILA inquiry, generally how it works?


Please suggest me friends if you seen this type of experience. Thanks!!


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