H1B Transfer to new Employer from India

Mouli Tr

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MY H1B stamping is from Sept, 2014-Jun, 2017. I was with Employer A until Nov, 2016, at which point I had to quit Company A to take a personal break and come to India. I'm planning to go back to the US now. Can I do a H1B transfer to Employer B now, although I am in India at the moment. Is it true that Employer B can initiate a H1B transfer and all I would require is a new i797 to travel to the US?



Note: This is my first H1B stamping period, I am technically eligible for a 3 yr extension.

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Yes you can do it from India if employer B is ready to do the H1B transfer under cap exempt category. This is not a legal advice but giving you this information based on my past experience.

For any further legal advice please contact Murthy Law firm or else  pariticipate in The MurthyChat generally takes place Monday nights from 9:00-9:30pm Eastern Time (U.S.). Good luck.

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