Joining a New Employer while H1B transfer is in PROGRESS


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Hi Guys,

I need urgent help. I got an offer from Employer B but he filed the H1B transfer in REGULAR processing. I got the receipt. Employer B is asking me to join the company asap.

Please let me know what should I do. Is it ok to join Employer B while H!B transfer is IN-PROGRESS? or should I pay for PREMIUM Processing and get it done and then JOIN?

I have to let them know in 2-3 days. Could you please share your thoughts?


Thank you!

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Hi, I am in the same situation, I am getting an offer from my new employer. My new client needs me to join within 2 weeks,is it safe now to transfer my H1 with new company? How long is it taking to get the receipt number/approval[on permium processing) these days (given the current situation new H1B bill)? 

Please advise. 

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