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Visa stamping via drop box next month with 3 arrest record without conviction

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I was arrested 3 times in last 2 years.


Arrest1) criminal tresspassing in a casino with public drunkenness, disorderly conduct. Attorney negotiated with prosecutor and case was dismissed without pleading guilty.had to finish 15 hour community service before next trial. Case status withdrawn (didnt plead guilty or no contest). Record expunged all court certified copies in hand.

arrest 2) criminal tresspassing in another casino . Same case dismissed. Court certified copies exist.


arrest 3) arrested for 8 hours for public intoxcation. No charges were pressed. Later checked the record and found out a dismissed record the same day when arrested. Dismissed by Judge himself on review.have all court certified papers.


my question is

Will i have to undergoe medical examination as i have 2 count of arrest of public drunkeness which means public intoxication.


I am very nervous about the medical exam.although i do not have a conviction but with the knowledge i could gather was that an arrest can be a prob since uscis is strict about alcohol arrest.










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I dont think any of the charges qualify as a CIMT.


How did you end up having trespassing in casino? were you banned from entering there? What state do you live in?


I haven't heard anything even close as this in my state 

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No the entire table   was aked by Casino to leave  .They thought we were shouting to much. I had my keys left inside. I tried entering back into the Casino multiple times and was having argument with the door security and he ended up calling the Police. This was in Penssylvania.


A similar kind of situation of argument happened another time. I was barred for 24hours as technically they once asked me to leave. But all the times the case was dismissed.

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On ‎1‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 8:51 PM, century_new said:

Ok if you have 3 arrest records you canbe denied visa. New administration is planning to have criminal aliens removed 

But can we assume a person criminal if I didnt plead Guilty and their is no Conviction. The case was dismissed each time.

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On 1/23/2017 at 0:02 PM, Kites said:

But can we assume a person criminal if I didnt plead Guilty and their is no Conviction. The case was dismissed each time.

Case dismissal does not matter. the time you are arrested you are having a criminal record. Your fingerprints are registered in teh government database. it will be there forever.. pleading not guilty/no contest/ plead deals is for yo to escape the prosecution.. you will need to disclose the arrests for every application for visa/gc/citizenship applications.. the VO will decide and has discretionary powers to accept or reject you.

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