Leaving USA when decision on I 539 is pending at USCIS


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My mother in law's is currently staying in USA  on B2 visa. Her I -94 expired on 1/9/2017 and the I-539 extension has been received on December 19 2016 and it is pending at the Vermont processing Center.

Can my mother in law leave the country on Feb 5 2017 when the decision is pending with USCIS - We received the Receipt number.

Her return tickets have been booked for British Airways with the travel date as FEB 5 2017, with stop over in London.

what documents does my mother in law need to carry when she is travelling on feb 5 2017 apart from the Original Receipt document issued by the USCIS and will there be any issues at the airport in USA or in London. Because she overstayed after Jan 9 2017 - wil this be treated as overstay and will she be charged legally either at USA airport or London airport

Is it safe for her travel through British airways passing London - please suggest any alternate airways if needed

Please clarify.








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