B-2 Overstayed. Sudden Illness.


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My father-in-law had went to hospital on Nov 28, 2010 with chest discomfort and underwent "Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting" on emergency basis. This happened in Lansing, MI Hospital 2 weeks before his original departure date (Dec 16, 2010) but we immediately applied for B-2 extension before expiry date of 1-94. This is sudden illness.

But he stayed back till FEB 27, 2011 per hospital recommendations for rehab and check-ups and left US. In the meantime we received RFE and supposed to respond by March 19, 2011 instead of we request to withdraw the case because they already left the country.

Now they would like to visit US again in March 2017 (Visa expiration date JAN 2019). Does that cause any problem at immigration\port-of-entry? or do we need apply extension or contact USCIS? We have many documents to prove including letter from hospital, medical bills, medical reports etc.

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