Visitor Visa for my sister and BIL and their kid


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I have been in US for the past 10 years and GC is pending. My parents have been here once and now my sister is planning to come for a visit. They will probably stay for a month. She and husband, both are doctors and working in govt hospitals. They have one 8 years old kid. They don't own a house yet. I believe both of their monthly income is more than 1 lakh or so. My parents are retired and they live in India. I live in US - now single.

So, how do we start their b2 visitor visa? Should I file the documents etc for them or should I hire an attorney in india to do this? I hear stories about rejection and I fear of screwing up something. Any suggestion on how we can go about it?

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I should be able to fill the application on their behalf. Correct? I did that for my parents when they were here for B2 visas. So, I am not following when you say I cant. Could you please clarify? I understand there is no sponsorship with B2. I can hire attorney - but wonder whether they will be able to take care of everything like filling the application etc?  

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