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I have applied for the OPT stem extension on Dec-20th and I have received whole package along with i-797 notice stating that I have sent an incorrect Fee. Apart from it, it says that I have to resubmit the whole package again along with corrected fee.

My Question is:

1) whether I need to resend the same package again which I received from USCIS or Do I need to send all newly scanned documents along with new i-765 form.

2) What should I fill in section 11 of i-765 form (If I have to send a new i-765), as it says "Have you ever applied for Employment authorization from USCIS"? Should I mention Granted - 1 Year OPT dates or should I mention Declined - Incorrect fee payment.

Any guidance on this is greatly appreciated. Also I have called USCIS twice and first time they said new documents and second time they mentioned you just need to the send the same package along with corrected fee.


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Hello Gargs01, I have the similar issue, I got to know my application was rejected because of incorrect fees on 18th January, I had sent my packet in December. Did you receive your application? Does it contain any letter from uscis apart from the documents you sent in the packet. If yes, can you please email it to me on ***************,  I have not yet received my packet.

I only see "Case rejected because I sent an incorrect fee" on the USCIS tracking.


Thank you.,

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