EB3 to EB2 withe different employers


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Company A filed my GC in EB3 and I have a approved I140. After 6 months since I140 was approved I moved to Company B

a. Now if Company B files my GC in EB2 can I still use the priority date that was given for EB3 by Company A

b. or if company B files GC with EB3, does company B still need to go through Labour process and only then get my I 140 approved. Or can they use the  Am asking this as I had a approved I140 from Company A previously.

C. Is there any way that we can get to know if I140 applied by Company A is still valid and is not cancelled, as I have moved to Company B.

D. incase the job requirement is a bachelors degree with 5+ years experience , can the company apply for GC under EB2 category?


Please advice on the above 4 questions.

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