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I am US Citizen, i am getting married end of this month. She is Indian citizen.  Just i am exploring options to sponsor visa for her to come and stay with me in USA. I can apply GC (I-130/I-485), it looks like it is taking around 6months time frame. is there any other visa can i sponsor to her other than immigrant visa like Visitor or Business visa. what are the chances are getting approval for Visitor visa.

Once i get married, i will start process with GC once I-130 is in process can she apply for Visitor visa to come to USA . My intention is to minimize the her stay at India after getting married. I would highly appreciate if anyone shares their ideas if they are in same boat. Please share your thoughts on this, if Visitor visa rejected does impact anything on the process. I don't want take any risk but checking the options to get her USA with minimum time. Please share your ideas on this.  Thanks in advance.

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Thnaks for ur reply  JOEF, Omshiv.

I  became USCITIZEN , after i stayed 5 Years on GC (Employement based green card).

I understood once  i filed I-130 it is is hard get Visitor visa.  Can i file her visitor visa first and once it is approved and after she coming to USA after 90 days of her arrival can i apply I-130 and I-485 simultaneously.

If i apply visitor visa what are the chances are getting approved, will conular question her why ur applying for vistor visa when u have elgibility for I-130 (GC).  

Can she reply like this: since I-130 (Green card process) taking long time, so she wants to come here stay with me ( even atleast for honeymoon)

if she said something like this will immgrant officer convince or reject her visitor visa.

My intention is only bring her to USA with short period of time.

Can you please share your ideas on this. what would be the best approcah to do.

Thanks in advance.


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