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Dear Experts

Thanks to MurtyLaw for helping lot of people like me.
I am in critical situation now and need help from you guys again.
I have applied B2 Visa for tourism for my in Laws and Sister-in-law.
In-laws (parents) have been granted Visa but my sister-in-law it was refused with 214b.
Father-in-law retired (62 years now and was businessman) and mother-in-law homemaker.

I have arranged the interview of 3 persons together.

VO asked 5 questions to my sister-in-law:
what is your qualification: Masters
Whether you married : no Single
Do you do job: No
Are you staying with parents: Yes
What you will do in USA: Will stay with Sister and visits places

Looking after various threads for 214b rejection I am seeing that VO needs a strong evidence to return back in India.
Problem is she has no property here in her name in India. She has completed Masters 3 years back and not looking for job because she is going to be married. No prospective groom yet. And we have limited family back in India and for her staying alone at home would be insecurity as she has to stay alone). Its sounds crazy but it is impractical with Indian culture.
At this time finding job is also not possible for her as parents are coming in 1-2 months.

She is still dependent on parents for everything.

Is this worth to reapply ?
What could be the valid proof I can show while reapply?
Can we show In-laws visa and give letter from In-laws about the insecurity () and request granting visa in mark of family background and complete dependent ?

what documents consulate might need to justify this.
Do I need to send any letter except Invitation letter ?
What she should answer for reason with new reapplication in visa interview ?
Do she need to carry family photo ?

Or as a sponsorer do I need to write letter to VO asking to grant atleast 6 months of visa to give enough confidence that she will return back to India. ?

Right now I am helpless with no clue how can she make VO comfortable grating visa telling she needs to accompany with parents.
Please help.

Sorry for the long thread but any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards - Debshira



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First, you didn't apply, they applied. And there is no sponsorship for visitors. Paying for the trip doesn't make you a sponsor.

Second, it is pretty much impossible for a single young woman with no real ties to her home country to get a visa to the US. In the past, way too many single young women "found" a husband as soon as they came to the US. So, blame these people who abused the rules.


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Thanks JoeF. I agree with you ... then no unmarried non-working sisters and brother ever will be a visitor in USA. Its frustrating  !

Any other way if you can elaborate what kind of ties would make more sense for VO ? Might be I am out of my think. 

I am planning to prepare : 

1) Affidavit from court and declaration of single non working dependent women living on parents house .

2) Security concern being stay at home alone .

3) She is nominee of fathers bank accounts (will carry less value I know) and MIS money. 

4) Show parents visa and requesting to reconsider the case to allow accompany together.

Anything else you can think will help. Immigration attorneys has certain way to make the case and I am just asking few help. 

Omshiv ... No intention to get married with any citizen in USA. She just don't want to be alone at home . No good relatives so that she can spend 3-4 months . Difficult for single women while parents are out . So she just want to come in US with parents and spend time with his sisters. Every single Indian women is not crazy to marry any foreign citizen ! I was not, even I had opportunity. Its all perception, ethics and culture which varies. 

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