Switching to H1 from H4 EAD (after 6 years of H1 stay)


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Friends, Please help me make a decision.

I am on H1 for more than 9 years in the USA. I have an approved I-140. My wife is on H1 for more than 6 years in the USA. She has an approved I-140.

Let's say, I move to H4 (EAD) and my wife stays on H1. My employer won't withdraw I-140. If my wife loses a job, can I go back to my H1 from H4 using my employer's I-140? Would it prevent me to go back to H1 from H4 because I have exhausted all 6 years? or do I have to start from scratch (i.e. stay out of country for 1 year and get new H1 through lottery)?

Trying to figure out, what will be my option if my wife loses a job?

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