Question on H1B Extension


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I have a question reg my H1 B extension.


  1. I had H1B Visa from 2006-2009 , but I Visited to US in 2007 , stayed for 3 months and went back.

  2. I   came to US again on L1B visa   in 2010 Oct  and stayed till 2012 July, for a period of 1 year 9 months. I went back to India and was at offshore for 2 years

  3. I came to US on H1B , under Cap Exempt Quota  again in July 2014 ( because I was holding previous H1 and stayed only for 3 months) .

  4. Currently, My H1B Visa is expiring on June 29th, 2018 ( which is 4 years of Tenure )


Can I go for H1 Extension again in July 2018 for remaining 2 years or is my 6 years of Tenure completes by June 2018, considering my Previous stay of L1  for 1 year 9 months.


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If any one have any info, could you please share on this. will My L1B tenure be counted in my 6 years of tenure , under Cap exempt. I went back to India and stayed for 2 years after L1B and came back to US in 2014 , under cap exempt. my Current Petition is expiring in June 2018( which is 4 years of tenure ).

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